Friday, December 09, 2005


What are they? Who can tell me? They could be electrochemical impulses flowing through the neurons of our brains, passing from neuron to neuron, in some order, processing and generating information or activating and recalling memories that some how becomes our consciousness.
But where and how do they start? Are they a logical networked response to some form of environmental cue, are they the result of random chemical or electrochemical interactions. Are they the logical or randomised continuation of our first thought, the spark that awoke and ignites our consciousness or are the the interaction of our soul with the physical world?

What are they, how do they work?

We think about thinking, and we think about how we actually think. Is this what differentiates us from other species we think lack sentience?

What are thoughts? Surely they aren't just an organs favourable response to a random chemical reaction or interaction or the attempt to of a lump of organic matter we call the brain to impose order on the chaotic interaction between our matter and the spontaneous formation of a particle and an antiparticle.

But what about the soul? Does it exist, is it separate from our thought processes, is it the originator of our thoughts or the consequence of our thoughts?
Is the soul our consciousness or the attempt of our thoughts to think that they are eternal immortal? Or perhaps a biological trick to prevent certain logical flows of thoughts from thoughts about what is the purpose of existence.

Is the soul our thoughts attempt at immortality like children are our genomes attempt at immortality?

Do you know? I don't “think” you do nor that I know.
Do you care? Maybe, maybe not there will be some both ways undoubtedly.

My thoughts are amazed, that we as a species claim to understand how the universe came into being and can mathematically “prove” it. That we claim to know how life came into existence and eventually how we were formed and our thoughts came into existence, and can logically “prove” this.
Science a theory for developing theories about other things.
Yet we can not even explain how we think such thoughts, even though in some form or another an the investigation of our thoughts has been examined for by far the longest.

How can it be that consciousness is more complex than the Universe? Or is it just a limitation of our thoughts that they are incapable of comprehending them selves?

I think, therefore I think, I think I am!

Are we nothing but a dream of God or perhaps God's nightmare?

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