Sunday, December 04, 2005


Having recently acquired a digital camera you've probably noticed that there has been an increase in the number of photos being posted to this blog. In an effort to keep this blog primarily for text with a few good photos I've decided that I should make more use of my flickr account. Flickr is a photo sharing service. So with regards to that I'll be posting a decent number of the images I like but not enough to post on the blog to my flickr account.

My Flickr acount can be found at Falcdragon's photos. Like all good webservices these days there is also an RSS feed available from the account should you like my photos that much.

The Flickr content will be any photo I take that I like. There is also a restricted access section of photos which you'll need a flickr account and to be on my friends list to access they'll be funny photos and other stuff that is not for the general public.
Speculum Conlectio will remain the University and ex-University crowd with photos from a number of people.
Eonsimia will remain photos I really, really like, or are related to blog posts.

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