Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Well I hope every one had a fun Christmas, mine was certainly reasonable. Christmas Eve at Kelly's was fun, and the High Anglican evening service was certainly interesting.
The afternoon and evening on Christmas day were also a lot of fun, so thanks for coming around every one and thanks for the use of your pool Jess!

On a related topic Speculum Conlectio has been updated with Images from:

Heresy Christmas
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
As usually contact me if you want bigger versions.

On a rather different note I'm now stuck in the shop for the next few days and a couple of days next week. So there could be an increase in posts in an attempt to fight of boredom. Also if you were intending to browse through it sometime I recommend doing so now, not that I can give discounts!

Any way New Years Eve.

New Years Eve is at my place people are welcome to turn up from about 2pm onwards.
Bring something for tea and your sleeping bags if you think you'll be to tired to head home afterwards!
Hope to see many of you there and I hope people are enjoying there holidays!

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