Sunday, December 18, 2005

Christmas day & New Years

Right few more details for Christmas day.

People are welcome to head around from lunch time onwards.
There will be a light meal at tea time so I recommend you drag a packet of something along or some drink. Suggestions being Crackers, Cheese, fruit, salad etc.
There will be savouries and salads there but more are always welcome.
If you want something a bit fancier than softdrinks you'll need to drag some along there should be plenty of fridge space to keep such things cool.

It'll continue to every one leaves or falls asleep.

New Years Eve!

People are welcome to congregate at my place again New Years Eve.
Again lunch time onwards, and bring something for tea. I'll acquire a BBQ from some where (so pray for nice weather).
Drink wise BYO.
People are welcome to stay the night so if you want to please drag along a sleeping bag as well!

Some indication that your likely to turn up to one another or both events would be appreciated.


Anaru said...

Will come around mid/late avro Christmas Day and maybe New Years.

Christina said...

Prolly be there on Xmas day late avo/early evening along with the others from my place, depends on how long doing the dishes etc takes.

And put me down for a definate maybe for New Years' :)