Sunday, June 21, 2009

Well, a Year + a month

Well looks like I've been up here a while now as the title indicates, looking at it I'm not sure if much has changed over the year or nothing much has changed.

Lets see, new stuff

I have a Car
A fair bit of new gear
30ish new books
10 or so new Computer games
A dozen DVDs and a few CDs
A different more interesting Job from when I moved up, but for the Same company and department.
A bigger Salary package.
A few new friends
I cook and bake regularly

Stuff that's still the same:

I still dress the same
Still miss hanging out with the whole Chch and exChch bunch (though more of them are up here now which is nice)
Reading and Computer games are still my primary means of wasting time

Really most of the changes are fairly minor.

Must say it is nice to have a Job that actually requires you to think at last part of the time rather than feeling like your an organic robot. It's also nice to be doiing something that feels like and appears to actually have an impact on the company/department.

On another note here are some photos because as usual I'm bored.

Lichen #2

Rose Hip #1

Monstrous Treasue

Winter Leaves #1



Walkin on Water