Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Twenty One

Well some time last week I finally turned 21. Seeing nobody (except family pretty much) actually knew the exact date not a lot happened, as planned. Quite happily however the weekend was a long one with the local anniversary day being this Monday so I managed to get away to New Plymouth for two and abit day's to stay with my Nana (Who shares the same birthday as I do, which means she's one of the few people I always know the age of). Dad had also flown up for a week and was staying with Nana as well.

Any way supprisingly enough the weather was actually quite decent for Saturday and Sunday, so I managed to get out to a friends 21st and have lunch at my Aunt & Uncles. Then on the Sunday evening Dad took me out to a Steak House for tea in celebration of my 21st Birthday, So my 21st didn't pass completely unmarked.

Also one thing I should mention is on Saturday the 26th Feb I'll be having a 21st party/thingy at my place at 8pm. I've sent out emails to most of you, but don't have every one's email address and I've not received replies to all the emails I've sent out, possibly some of them have been blocked by Spam filtering etc.
The point of this is to say that if you haven't received such an email and I know you, you are invited it's just the email got swallowed up on the way or something. So if you don't know my address please email or text me. Or Leave a post here and I'll get back to you. If you are coming and haven't replied to the email please reply to this post or email me to let me know. I need some Idea of the numbers to organise the supper! Note no presents is prefered.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Work, in various forms.

Spent the last two days working at my parents shop, running it while they're down south having a holiday. I usually look after the shop while they're away though I'm liking it less each time, not that I ever looked forward to it, though I guess it's not really that bad and working for my parents is alright but I just don't like retail work.

It's especially annoying this time when I've just spent 6 weeks working in a lab at fonterra's research centre in Palmy. The difference between lab work and retail work is very noticeable and further strengthens my desire never to work in retail. You know you aren't suited for retail when you see a car load of customers pull up and all you whish there'd go get lost somewhere that wasn't the shop your in. Dealing with customers and phone calls is the primary annoyance get rid of those two features and I wouldn't mind it so much. Unfortunately getting rid of those two things tends to leave you with out a shop after a while which is a bit of a pitty.

Any way my two weeks of "holidays" are nearly done and on the 9th Jan I fly back up to palmy for another 6ish weeks of work at Fonterra before University starts. I get back about the 18th February to start my MSc (Biochemistry), (Master of Science in Biochem), which hopefully will be interesting.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

The New Year!

Well it's 2005, finally. Which will hopefully be an interesting year!
It started off well with around 24 (at the peak) of us gathering at Katherine's place to see the new year in. With 6 or so of us staying the night and most of today (1st Jan) there.

Thanks for the brilliant evening and day Katherine.

On other notes being January it means it's not long till my 21st and I should probably pre-enrol for the Master course for this year before I head back up to Palmy for another 6 weeks at Fonterra's research centre.