Monday, November 23, 2009

What is Sin, Evil...

What is sin, does it exit or is it simply a social construct used to justify punishment of that which defies the social structure?

Is sin evil?
Is sin the lack of foresight living/reacting to the now rather than that which is yet to come?
Is sin self harm? Damaging ones self or others?
Is sin the failure to follow the golden rule?
Is sin freewill, not sticking to the script or the pupet masters desires?

As I'm not entirely sure I believe sin exists these days, I'm certain it's not some sort of metaphysical smut though it seems a lot of people believe that.

I was wondering though if a lot of what is called sin is simply a lack of foresight the inability to see past ones current desires, and doing what satisfies the now rather than the future.

Often I've thought that that which is human or sentience, is acting in ways beyond the now, controlling and channeling our emotions, and reactions. Channeling those immediate evolutionary triggers fight/flee, feed/reproduce in manners that are beneficial over the long term.
In ways that show no short term benefit and fufill no evolutionary need, but instead do or become part of something greater, progress, knowledge, science etc.

If we are to be human we must recognise that we are and will always be animal (evolutionary constructs) as well. And our ability to overcome our genetic/evolutionary programing is what distinguishes us from our fellow animals, sometimes for better but often for worse. And that as an individual it should be our goal to overcome our natures for the better, as much as is possible.

Quick Note

Hmm this is rather dead. A quick note for any one still following this I'll be back down in CHCH for 3 weeks starting around the 18th December. So will hopefully get a chance to catch up with most of you!