Wednesday, June 30, 2004

One Down Two To Go.

Well that's the Exam done (Molecular Genetics, Biol 330) now only two tests left todo. One tomorrow (Biological Data Analysis) and one on Saturday (Biochemistry).

Then Movie watching time I think who's interested in going to see Spiderman 2 on Saturday? Here's a review for it Spiderman 2. It sounds rather good! Then afterwards prehaps a big game of settlers. :)

The exam today wasn't to bad though I'd have liked abit more time to finish the last question. The exam format was a long answer type and required you to answer 4 out of the 6 questions.

1) Discuss the concepts of proto-oncogene and oncogene. Using the ras gene as an example, discuss how ras gene product functions in a normal cell. How can ras gene become oncogenic? Support your answer with experimental evidence.

A fairly nice question as I'd had a good look at that when studying. The support the answer with experimental evidence was annoying though.

2) The retinoblastoma (RB) gene is known to be an anti-cancer gene. Discuss how this gene was discovered. How does the RB product control the cell cycle.

Again reasonable I knew a lot more about the second part than the first though.

3) Discuss how some DNA and RNA viruses can induce tumors, using specific examples.

Nice easy question except for one thing Id forgotten any examples that had been covered in the lectures and couldn't remember any from the text book. So skipped that one.

4) Animal models are often used to study human diseases. Briefly describe two methods for producing such animal models. Discuss the pros and cons of using animal models to study human diseases, giving examples where available.

Another good question. Nice and general so did it. A good way to get any animal rights activists in a class upset. Didn't appear to be any though.

Then we have the second leacturer's two questions which happen to be as big as the previous 4.

5) Those who monitor the food supply for evidence of GE organisms using PCR worry about generating false positive and false negative results. To answer the following questions, you may use concrete examples from the case studies discussed in lecture or discuss them hypothetically.
a. Describe what is meant by a false negative and a false positive result.
b. How is PCR prone to producing false positive results? What are the most important controls to include to avoid such results?
c. How is PCR prone to producing false negative results? What are the most important controls to include to avoid such results?

Another easy question. Some basic biological stats principles with hypothetical examples or examples from case studies eg Corngate.

In its decision to "approve with controls" AgResearch application GMD02028 to genetically engineer the bovine genome, ERMA requires AgResearch to "monitor for HGT at the disposal sites", but did not specify how. According to ERMA, "The Committee's view is that every reasonable opportunity should be taken to monitor developments such as this for occurrence of adverse effects and for information on the significance of pathways such as HGT. As well as providing an assurance on the effectiveness of controls, the information is potentially valuable for future applications".

a. AgResearch has come to you for advice on how to monitor the paddocks. From your knowledge of how others have monitored HGT in the past, describe how you would approach this problem.
b. Assess how effective you believe that your approach might be for providing "an assurance on the effectiveness of the controls" to limit harms that might arise by HGT.

Not such a nice question at least based on what I'd studied I hadn't done that case study and so lacked information on it.

If your interested in such stuff more info can be found at these links.
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PaulieB said...

Glad it went ok.

I'll be busy with exams and weddings on Saturday, so you'll have to count me out sorry.

EONsim said...

Ok though It's likely to be an evening sitting (7:30 or later). Which as far as I'm aware avoids most of those imprtant times. though it unfortunatly doesn't help if your too tied as a result of all the fore mentioned activities.