Saturday, June 26, 2004

One Week Togo.

Great this time next week I'll have finished my exams and tests. I'm not sure what's better having the exams at the beginning or the end of the the exam period. Sure the end means you have more time for study but it also means you spend more time with nothing to do but worry about them and that every body else finishes well before you do.
Which is a real rub when your studying, thinking about studying or trying to study and you know all your mates are enjoy them selves as their exams are done and gone (yes I know some of you still have a couple left but you'll still be finished before Saturday no doubt)!

Well conclusions from studying so far are BDA's boring but the stuffs easy and therefore hopefully the test will be.
BCHM is more interesting except for the Biokinetics junk and that one of the lecturers has said his exam won't be about the material he went over but the general principles and underlying concepts that make the stuff he taught work. While also being informed to concentrate on the Material for one of the other lecturers last two lectures yet remembering that those lectures had a lot of video stuff and discussion and not much stuff for notes, and as a result a Third lecturer sending out a review paper to read on the subject.
As for Molecular Genetics well I've still got 3 days to study that in.

Well I'm really going to have todo something next Saturday after this is all done. Perhaps a big game of Settlers or watching the second Spiderman movie seeing I think it'll be out then.

PS to those of you who saw the previous use of the word studding it was the spell checker that changed it to that!


Nathan said...

If its any consolitation, I've finished my exams, but I'm onto essays now.

Jessi said...

ew yeah there are pros and cons to both sides of when you have your exams. At the beginning means you have more free time afterwards, but you have least time to study, which can affect one's grades (icky :p)...but if you have plenty of time to study you can pretty much drive yourself insane, and like you said- everyone else is having fun! BOO! :P
And Spiderman 2 is out TOMORROW! SQUEE! :D (Sorry I'm a bit of a comic-character nut... you know they're creating a Catwoman movie?! Ohhh I'm so excited! lol)

EONsim said...

Yes noted see the latest post for a link.
Catwomen movie as well? Could be interesting.