Thursday, June 24, 2004

An Interesting Idea, But I Don't Think So.

Paul made a rather interesting comment yesterday pointing out that I'd got some of my links wrong and that the Full Frontal Nerdity link should be pointing to a certain one of the Randoms.
However I don't think that will be changed as if I started to use some what accurate descriptions for the Random's links I'd have to find one for you Paul. Which would no doubt have to involve women and imaginary relationship sort of stuff and I don't really have 25 lines of side bar to donate just to you :)


PaulieB said...

Sure you do :)

Is that one line for each of my imaginary relationships?

Oh, and :P

EONsim said...

Something like that :)

Brehaut said...

you do however have room to plug your fathers shop i see

EONsim said...

Of course! After all it only needs one line.