Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Hmm must be Exam time.

Well it must be exam time again. All the clues point at it.
Staying up late reading Sci-Fi rather than text books, recompiling the kernel (Linux 2.6.6) when the current one works pretty blasted well, finishing computer games that where started 6 months ago in the Christmas holidays, going out to watch movies and play settlers, not getting out of bed till 2pm and then still only having had 8 hours sleep, Starting random things on the internet that I'd never ever do if I had anything other than study todo (i.e. this) and baking Bread.

Well any way seeing this is becoming abit of a trend and I was bored thought might as well stick something up.
Not that I usually follow such trends or see any real point in it.
Unless your traveling and want a good way for people to find out what your doing, or the subject of your blog is your area of expertise. Especially after remembering some articles I've read about Blogging e.g. Blogosphere to reach 10 million and Most Bloggers are Teenage Girls, not that I have any thing against Teenage girls :-P.

Well I guess it's a good way to waste abit of time now and then instead of studing.

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