Saturday, July 03, 2004

Done & Gone.

Finally they're out of the way the Exam and 2 tests are finished. Thankfully they where all quite nice so now it's one week of holidays and I need things to do. There's a bit of a list at the moment.

* Get to the library for some reading material.
* Watch some Monty Python stuff at Jess's (If I can catch a or 3 there lift).
* Fiddle around with python or Monodevelop and C#.
* Possibly watch around the world in 80 days video's.
* Maybe stick some stuff online here.
* Play some Settlers of Catan, well more accurately Cities and Knights with those who are interested.
* Tidy my Room before mum throws every thing in the bin or on the bed.
* Sleep, eat, read and listen to music.
* Watch Spiderman 2 (would have been today but too much is happening, Any one interested some time next week? Or after church tomorrow?).

That should at least keep me some what busy for the first couple of days.

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