Thursday, July 08, 2004

Thanks & IM

Well this is just to say thanks to Jess for holding the Monty Python evenings at her place for the three nights, alot of fun for all and alot of tickling for a couple of people. On that note I might as well inform you all that Tickling.mp3 has been sent to those who can make best use of it :-).
I'm sure you can all guess who they are. For those who couldn't make it you might want to grab a copy so you can share the fun :).
It can be found here for the moment.

Apart from that though I note some of you use various IM programs. If your interested in adding me to your contacts either send me an email if you know it already or use this (once you've corrected it, hint no " "'s).
"cha 93 at student . canterbury . ac"
I've ICQ, MSN, yahoo and jabber accounts ("Hey who said geek Grh!").

I wonder if it will work this time!

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