Tuesday, April 05, 2005

A Story

This is what you get when you let Andrew and Mike write a story with
input from Christina, though I must admit I was in the room at the time, with help from Innergeek.

A long time ago, there was strife in the kingdom of Skull Island.
The Aristocracy people wanted their freedom from the annoying ruler of
world. The annoying ruler of world, however, had different plans. He
wanted to radiate the Aristocracy people to kill for the Chimera. The
people of Skull Island gathered in the local Burlesque house to Play
the Goldfish. The elder Orthodontist spoke first. We must Tickle the
ruler of world, who is now more Busy than annoying!!! Who will join
me? I will, shouted Bob, the kingdom's Lad of negotiable affection. I
think your idea is Quickly Chimera, said the local Frog Tamer. I'm too
Green for this Feather, anyway. Unreal Tournament is a better waste of
my Astropithicus Leviticus. The GM Dove his Spleen on the Majesty.
Wow!! Why don't you go play Bubble Bobble with James if you don't like
the way we play Spoons! You're such a 64, Reuben.

Note a combined attempt at the Geek test by Andrew, Christina, Mike,
Jared and my self produced a score of 64%, only 20% greater than Mike's
best score!


Christina said...

Now *there's* a story C.U members can be proud of! Bob, the kingdom's lad of negotiable affection... still makes me laugh :D

a cat of impossible colour said...

tee hee :)