Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Here you all are. A fun test that gives you a geek rating.
Have a go and post your scores.

I managed to get 17% which equals Geek.


Matt said...

30%. Total Geek, apparently.

Mike said...

Muahaha! 32.35% I'm geekier than both of you! Knowing Pi to 10dp and what THAC0 stands for doesn't make you a geek does it?

Come to think of it... I do know how to count to 31 on one hand :P

Christina said...

7% Geekish Tendencies. I think this is irrefutable evidence that proves once and for all that I'm not a geek :D

Jared said...
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Ruth said...

I am a poser, only 7.49507.
What am I doing with my life?

Jared said...

11.44 % (4sf) I only have Geekish Tendancies. Having such a bizarre taste in movies will do that for you.

Hannah said...

I am also a poser at - 6.70611%
I felt so inadequate doing that test, i don't know what half the things are even talking about! And I thought I might've been a wee bit of geek, but obviously not! : )

EONsim said...

The test very much aims for the archetype geek. It's expanded alot more these days so you can quite happily call your self a geek if you want :)

Katherine said...

Yus! I am the geekiest chick (so far)! 15.8%

I would probably have to call myself a 'snobby culture geek', coz most of my points come from studying languages and reading Russian literature and such. Though I suppose I may have exaggerated a little in saying I 'know' Latin... hehe, more points for exaggerating on the test.

Katherine said...

Heh, I think the writers of the quiz have not paid enough attention to the sub-culture of school music geeks. On behalf of myself and Jess, I would like to propose the following additions to the quiz:

*Regularly attends classical music performances.
*Annually attends public singalongs of Baroque oratorios at which they are the youngest participant by at least 30 years
*Knows the names of all the modes, and has used them in compositions.
*At high school, pretty much lived in the music department. Extra points for coming in in the weekend to use the composition program on the computers.
*When listening to music recreationally, amuses self by analysing the chord structure and working out the intervals in head.
*Wore badges on their blazer at school showing how many msuic groups they were in.
*Occasionally gets a tune in their head that they learnt while doing the dictation part of a theory exam.

EONsim said...

Yes they do seem to have focused nearly entirely on the computer, Role playing, Sfi geek.

Andrew said...

26% for me, Total Geek, but only just.

Adam said...

Hey Hannah, i am exactly as much of a geek as you are. I am slightly surprised.

Scott said...

4% - Poser. Mainly because I've studied a bit of science.

michelle said...

er.. i think something is wrong with me... I got 27%...!!!! ARGH!!!

I may have exaggerated for a couple, but i'd still be over 20%!

Oh no! I'm a geek chick! Somebody save me!

PaulieB said...

Haha! Only 16.73%

Matt said...

just did it again, and got a whopping 35%. I AM THE GEEKEST.

Nato said...

Not bad.... compared to michelle (who used to think I was a geek - tables have turned!)

Luuk said...

17.75148 - Geek

Kelly said...

9.27% - geekish tendencies

But who are we kidding? We're all the biggest geeks on the planet for
1) taking the test at all
2) finishing it all the way to the end, cos it really was quite long.

ps - computer/maths/science geeks are weird.

Brehaut said...

40.65% - major geek.

Yes, i pwnxors you all :P

EONsim said...

Brehaut certainly has it with style at the moment!

five star afro said...

I did this little test.

It was a good test, I walked into it thinking... "MAN I'M GEEKY, I'M GONNA ACE THIS TEST".

Now ladies and gentleman I am officially scared of Michelle as I got 27% as well.

Some would say I'm just not THAT geeky.

!!! I have read 31 of the 82 Star Wars Novels. !!!

Sure she probably got the added bonus of the girl rating bit, but I am seriously weirded out. ITS JUST ALL SCREWY!!

michelle said...

Just out of curiosity, for the last question, how many of the boxes were you supposed to tick? It confused me as there were 5 to choose from.
Anyhoo when I ticked all 5, i got over 28%, but when I only ticked 3, I had 27%. So, Five Star Afro, possibly you don't have to be scared... potentially I may be ONE PERCENT more geeky than you :)

michelle said...

Also, you're right... I did get extra points simply for being a girl (which is the best thing about life) (the extra bonuses we get) (not the being a girl bit) (although thats not too shabby) er anyway.. um yes - so i got points for being a girl, and points for exaggerating... (as you can probably tell, i'm trying to talk my way out of it, and pretend i'm not really a geek, when you all know the truth now!)
So, Five Star, up for a LAN sometime? We'd need a switch or cable first though.

five star afro said...

OK, I was not scared because I was the same as you. ...I was scared cos you were the same as me.

Now I know that sounds the same to an untrained mind but the difference is this: I am not disappointed in myself for getting the same as you, I'm scared that a chick (whose clearly not Bill Gates female clone) can get as much as me. That either means you tuck your shirt into your undies or you're away on Star Trek conventions every other weekend.

No offence intended when I say you're a very 'special' chick.

Jessi said...

okay, so I'm obviously a bit late at taking this test, but I think that just proves my geekiness- I've been too busy playing around in my own little world to notice what's going on around me! :D
I got just over 26%... and I'd have to agree with Katherine- if we added a whole lot of music questions, we'd take this test out! muahaha!
Unfortunately, I am now more geeky than my computer-geek boyfriend.
That is just sad.