Friday, November 26, 2004

Palmy Week Two.

Not much has changed from last work getting todo alot more lapwork. Apart from work still not alot to do. I still need to try organising some sort of interent connection in my flat as the current system's annoying and fonterra still hasn't given us network access yet. Though hopefully that will change seeing we're supposed to be getting work laptops next week.

Can't really think of much else to say except have meet a few of the Palmy TSCF people which is good.


Anonymous said...

lol - your job sounz good! are you getting paid? Do you wanna swap jobs? << is currently still unemployed :)- I'm sure you guys'll have to do some work *eventually* right???
-- Christina

EONsim said...

Yeah we get paid a bit it's not to bad but not brillient either.

Anonymous said...

hey guess what? I got a job! I'm doing linguistics crap for a software company! It's only 3 weeks, but hey, money is money, right? Howz palmy? Is work any less boring than a few weeks ago?

Christina :)

EONsim said...

Good on you!
Works not to bad getting rather interesting now that I"m starting to get results. Palmys still rather boring though.

Hope work goes well for you and may see you online if your ever online around 5-6pm.