Sunday, November 14, 2004


Well I've now been in Palm for 24 hours so about time to post about the happenings of the last week.

As my previous post has indicated I finished exams on the Monday (9th). With Biochemistry 3 being held on the Monday afternoon. It went fairly well so I'm pretty sure that I've done reasonably well and therefore should have my degree.

Next day Tuesday I spent the morning mucking around. Then went in to uni for a bit and chased the Bank for abit about a delay in clearing the laptop payment. The evening was spent watching a Movie at Brehauts with a few others.

Wednesday was spent doing not alot in the morning with the afternoon spent on updating the book sale tender (due this Friday). It would be good to get that again as the money helps pay for alot of Christian Union activities. The evening was spent at Andrew's playing settlers and Magic with Andrew, Jared, Matt P and Paul.

Thursday morning was exciting because the laptop arrived. However I was forced away from spending all day at that by mum taking me shopping to get some stuff for Palmy in the Morning which was followed up by chatting to the last two lecturers I wanted to talk to about Master Research for next year. After that a friend dropped by for a bit. Then I was off for a haircut then to Alethea's 21'st, which was a lot of fun. Got home lateish from that then played on the laptop for a bit.

Friday I packed for the Six weeks in Palmy (I get back the 24th December) we (Me and the rest of the Christian Union exec exc Tim) headed up to Blenheim they for SLC (Student Leaders Conference/Summer Love Camp :P) and me for Palmy. Spent the night at Ray's then at 4am Saturday Morning got up to head to Picton for the 5:30am ferry crossing to Wellington (not the best time to get up!).

Saturday after crossing over on the ferry very early that morning we took a shuttle to the Wellington Bus/Train Station where we (the exec) split up the others going to explore Wellington well I waited for the Bus that was to take me to Palmy and for some old friends from Napier to wander down and say hi. After they tuned up spent two hours wandering along the Wellington waterfront then headed back and caught the Bus up to Palmy. Where I got picked up by my Second cousins (my mothers cousins and his family). Spent the remainder of the day at there place fiddling around on the laptop.

Sunday went to Church with my cousins then after lunch biked into town to meet another Guy from my Biochemistry class who'd also got a job with Fonterra over the summer. Had a look around Palmy and the Massey Campus then headed back here. Which brings me upto the current time. Leaving me with the final alterations to the booksale tender to be made and some documents to fill out with regards to my accommodation. With my job at fonterra starting tomorrow morning.

Any way I hope things are going well back in Christchurch. Enjoy your selves people and I hope to see some of you over my Christmass break if your still in town during the two weeks after Christmass.


Scott said...

Hi Chad, I'm from the Palmy TSCF group and I'm working at Fonterra over the summer as well. I was at SLC with all your Canterbury buddies this week, but I'm starting work on Monday. Hope to see you there, it will be good to meet you. My email is scottbmackay(at)

EONsim said...

Sweetwould be good to meet soem of you massey people. I'll Keep an eye out for you.