Monday, November 08, 2004


That is it the last of my three exams was finished today. All three went all right so I think I can say that is my undergraduate degree finished. One BSc (Biochemistry) done, of course I'll need to wait till the results to make sure of that though.

It also means things get busy I can no longer put off things with the excuse that I should be studying meaning I've now got a couple of weeks worth of stuff to do in three days.

First is stuff related to my summer job. For those of you that don't know I applied for a summer job with Fonterra (the big milk company) and got it so I'm off to Palmy Nth for 12 weeks :(. Not my favourite place in the world but I need the experience, so to bad.

Unfortunately that means I'm out of town for most of the holidays except for 2 weeks just after Christmas Seeing I leave Friday the 12th of November.
Which is bad as I miss out on all you wonderful people's company and all the fun and amazing activities that will be organised. So hopefully a few of you will be around between the 24th of December and the 7th of January which is my Christmas holiday period. So that I can say hi and see you all.

Any way what I'm doing at Fonterra roughly, will be looking at the life cycle of a Bacteriophage (A virus which infects some species of Microbes) which is of interest to Fonterra.

Stuff I need to arrange with regards to this is:
- Accommodation in Palmy (partially sorted).
- Getting up there I'll be heading up with the other members of the CU exec who are going to SLC (Student leaders conference aka Summer love camp).
- Organising stuff to keep me from going nuts with boredom during the weekends.
- Go shopping with mum to get some stuff I need.

After that I've also got stuff that needs to arranged for doing Masters next year:
- I need to decided on a rough project Idea for research.
- I need to decided on and get a lecturer to be my supervisor for Masters.
- I need to decided on my 4th 400 level (Masters) paper for next year.

Fun stuff is:
- Have my laptop arrive and load all the needed software and Music on it.
- Play lots of games on it.
- Organise a game of Settlers or three.
- Possibly organise a small LAN.
- Go to Alethea's 21st.

Finally I've Christian Union stuff to do seeing I'm on the exec:
- I need to sign some stuff for the hand over from the old exec.
- Discuss the UCSA Book sale tender with the rest of the exec and those in CU interested in helping out.
- Rewrite or get some one else to rewrite the tender for the Book sale, and have it done preferably before I leave for the Job on Friday.
- Talk to various other exec members about things we need to get done by the end of the holidays.
- Spend half a day or so with all the exec apart from Tim as some sort of team building/getting to know each other thingy.

Hmm I feel alot better after having written that all down doesn't seem so much after all, seeing I've got 3 days or if you prefer 72 hours in which to do most of it before I leave on Friday with the Rest of the exec for Wellington. After which I carry on to Palmy.

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