Wednesday, December 15, 2004

A Quick Question.

Just wondering how many of you people are going to be in town between the 24th Dec and the 9th Jan? As thats when I get back in town for my Holiday and am hoping to organise a few things.


Anonymous said...

hey howz palmy? any more exciting? i tried to talk to you on msn b4 but microsoft's being evil at the moment and kept shutting me down :(. I'll be here around xmas and I think Alethea will be too. Have fun see you round :)

Katherine said...

Hey howzit? I will be home all summer except for Parachute; working full time till the end of January.

Jared said...

Will be arriving in Christchurch on the 23rd will be leaving Christchurch on the 24th will be arriving Christchurch approximately the 28th will be leaving Christchurch on the 5th.
See ya 'round.

EONsim said...

Thanks for that people.

Jared you sound like a human ping pong ball!