Monday, January 29, 2007

A Question

Which of the two images below do you prefer?


Both are images of the same area, but one has people and the other more vegetation. The colours on the second may be a little bit better as I did a bit more post processing on it, so take that into account.

So it would be much appreciated it you could leave a comment stating which you prefer and why if you don't mind.


Christina said...

Heh, I'm gonna be difficult and go for option C - B without the people :P

A is really nice, and shows a lot more of the plants over the edge of the cliff, but I think I prefer B because of cool sky panorama (and it kinda mirrors the blue of the sea). Having said that, it's a really bad photo of me (:P), so maybe option A?

Matt W said...

B, because the people add a bit of interest/disorder to the photo.

Brehaut said...

Personally i prefer 1 - i dont normally like photos with people cause they munt the generalyl either a) munt the composition or b) look too posed. A also has the foreground detail on the hard right which adds a broader depth of field to the whole scene which anchors the viewpoint and makes things a little less abstracted and distant.

Gavin said...

The first one has less curvature, which makes it look better IMHO. I like the composition more too.

Neither of them have me in it tho. Meh - your loss! ;)

Anaru said...

I am going to go with the one without people.

- less curvature
- nicer framing with the flax on the side (unfortunately the wind is blowing the wrong way)
- less focus on the clouds
- better balance horizontally

I like people shots but six backs even if I can tell who’s is who’s is probably not going to end up in one of my albums. The top photo might.

Andrew said...

I like the one with people. It's quite cool that it's not posed.