Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years 2007 - Media

Well I seem to have a decent collection of media from this New Years. However with Speculum not working properly due to issues at bloggers end it may take me a bit to get the pictures all posted.

In the mean time though here is a couple of tame ordinary images that you can show to you parents if they ask you want you did this new years. The rest will go on speculum once I'm able to post to it again!
New Years group photos

Also here is a certain video clip from New Years!
Note: It's on googlevideo as that allows me to keep the clip private (youtube doesn't allow that), only available to those who have the link/access my blog. If there are no objections I may consider moving it to youtube to see what sort of response it gets :)

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Ruth said...

looks like you guys had a cracking good time!! Engineers are weird...