Sunday, January 04, 2009

Farewell, summer holidays

Well on the way back to Hamilton for work. Was good to see most of you over the Christmas break. I'll stick up an image or two from New Years once I have some free time to go through them properly, though that may take a wee while as I've a lot of Photos from Australia to go through as well. Also I'm likely to pick up a few more images with the up coming wedding. I'll throw up a post here when I get around to updating speculum.
I'll also stick up a few photos from Aus here for those of you interested in such things hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

Any way greetings from wellington (for the whole hour or so I'm here.
Oh and here is a preview image from the trip to Aus:

Christmas Day: Surfers Paradise
Christmas Day

On that note: Eee Pc and 3g for the win!

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