Monday, September 22, 2008

A Good Weekend in Hamilton

Well another weekend gone quite a good one all up, first it was good to see J&J for a number of hours on Friday evening, hope the rest of your trip and the flight home went well.
Then Saturday dawned perfectly leading me to head into town to pick up an item the courier was having problems delivering (which makes it about the 4th item item I've had problems with now, why can't they deliver things after 4:30?). Any way thinking it wasn't too far from the city center I walked out to the courier depo (not really that far ~5km, took a lot longer than I was expecting though, damned hill) and then headed back past the Hamilton Lake.
With perfect weather and camera this resulted in me spending about 2 hours wandering around half the lake taking photos and trying to get a feel for using the camera to photograph a mix of birds, water and vegetation (expect a number of photos as I convert them from RAW format to something people can actually view, as usual plenty more images on my Flickr and Zooomr pages). Then Sunday (weather warm but overcast) after church headed along with A&R to see WALL E, which turned out quite awesome as you may have noticed from my previous post.

Any way here's my favorite photo (at least so far) from Saturday, more to come in a bit.


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