Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Christmas 08

Rather early but might as well mention it. I'll be back in Chch the 19th of December for the afternoon/evening then back again from the 26th December through to the 4th of Jan most likely (Christmas/Boxing Day and New Years fall excellently to maximize my holiday!). Might end up being there around a bit longer depending on what my company decides on with regards to shutting down over Christmas, seems unlikely but if they were kind enough to shut down for two weeks over Christmas I could be around till the 10th Jan.

Any way hopefully some of the Chch gang will be around in Christchurch for that period. Any one got any plans for New Years (Ok admittedly 3months before hand is probably a little too early to plan things but hey not got a lot else to do apart from work do I? ;-).

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Anaru said...

I hope to be around too. At least from Dad's graduation until after New Years and hopefully more.