Monday, June 02, 2008


I'm in Hamilton, arrived 1:35pm on Sunday after getting stuck in a holding pattern for 35mins, due to fog.
Was given a quick tikky tour of the CBD and the route to work that afternoon, Monday was spent getting a bike, bus cards, maps, biking back to where I'm staying etc. Then biking out to the work site and back again to determine how long it would take, on a quite road looks to be 25-30mins may be a bit slower on a work day...
Both bike trips took little detoures to look first at the lake and later at the river and gardens. Some quite pretty bits in the sections of the garden I looked at, unfortuantely my camera seems to have died so no photos (still I was planning on buying a new one any way so will just have to do it a bit more quickly now).

Any way based on what I've seen of Hamilton so far seems to be an odd place compared to Chch, Napier/Hastings etc the city appears to be built a hilly section of a highland, with the river running in it's own little gorge through the city.


Matthew P said...

Good to hear things are going well. Hopefully you'll get used to it all and settle in quickly :)
I'm guessing that its probably too far north to be getting frosts (or major ones at least), which should make the morning bike to work not too bad?

Christina said...

Cool, glad you have a place and stuff :) Are you near Ruth or Brehaut's place? Hope the first day of work went well!

EONsim said...

I wish still get frosts up here not the most fun thing to bike to work in though the fog is worse.

Not to far away from them they're each one suburb or so away in slightly different directions. Work is keeping me busy, lot of good people there.