Friday, June 06, 2008

Hamilton, Photos

A few pics from the Hamilton Gardens. Visited them a couple of times as they're on my route to work, though I've not managed to explorer them properly yet. In other news I've finished my first week and moved from a 10month contract to a permanent one, and had my first bike tire puncture 5 days after starting biking, blasted annoying especially seeing I didn't have a single puncture in 6 years in Chch! Work is fairly interesting lots to learn, though undoubtedly it may start getting a bit repetitive once I've got must of the stuff memorized. Planning to spend a bit of time exploring the city this weekend which should be fun/interesting.


Red Tree's.
Red Trees

The River
The River, Hamilton

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Kelly said...

We'll never see you again!!! Cool about the jorb though, you must impress :)