Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Apples to Apples

Can be rather amusing at times:

During one game this was observed:

Kelly is Odd, Creepy and Sweet.
Reuban R is Delicate and Sensual.
Reuban T is Calm and Ordinary
Matt P is Primitive, Temperamental, Rich and Selfish
Andrew is timeless.
Chad is Filthy, Arrogant, Hostile and Horrifying.
Fraser is Industrious, Touchy Feelly, wild , idiotic and Inspirational.


Katherine said...

Pardon me but, of what are you talking?

EONsim said...

A game known as "apples to apples" in which a topic card is played face up then each player plays a a card with a word, name or item they think best suits the topic. The person who is judged closest by the one who played the topic then wins that round. The list above is the various topics one by each person in one of the games.