Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ends justifies the means - Again.

Assuming God is primarily interested in doing that which is good (hopefully a sound assumption), then what do you think it would be more interested in:

  • That which is best for individuals?
  • That which is best for society/the human existence?
  • That which is best for the earth/universe?
  • A combination of the 3, balancing all three against each other.

Secondly do you believe that God would utilise or act on the idea "That the ends justify the means?". And if so do you think God holds to it in most cases or just the exceptional?

As I'm thinking it is likely that the works of God at least as described in the old testament aim to balance that which is good for an individual, society and the universe, in a manner in which the end results are far more important than the means utilised to reach them.

What do you think?

1 comment:

era said...

1) All three, and "truely understood" they are not really in competition anyway.

2) No, because the means become the ends. I think I've rabbited on about this before.