Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Science education requires overcoming childhood understanding

Science education requires overcoming childhood understanding
The authors go into extensive details about two cases: rampant teleology and mind-body dualism. Children tend to believe that every object has a specific purpose or function, which fits in nicely with the teleological view of life espoused by many forms of creationism, such as intelligent design. They also view the mind and brain as operating on different levels and performing distinct functions. Among their examples, the authors note that preschoolers believe that the brain is involved in analytical tasks such as math but plays no role in behavioral activities like pretending to be a kangaroo. They suggest that this produces a tendency to accept various forms of mysticism, such as astrology and psychic powers.

An interesting post that makes a fair bit of sense, might be worth reading the paper at some point.

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I wonder though, doesn't teleology have a place in science?