Saturday, April 28, 2007


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Do people have intrinsic Rights simply because they exist? Rights that come with no responsibilities?
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era said...

Umm, there are two questions. Yes to the first, No to the second.

Matthew P said...

Lets generalise the first question:

"Does X have rights simply because it exists?"


If people have rights, it will not be merely on the virtue of their existence.

To the second question: No.

Any 'right' firstly comes with the responsibility/requirement of upholding that particular 'right', and then the requirement of not clashing with other 'rights' if they exist.

era said...

Surely newborn babies have rights? Like the right not to be tortured or something at least. Given they haven't had a chance to earn anything, doesn't this show that you have some intrinsic rights simply because you exist. I'm not suggesting all rights are like this, but I'm pretty sure there are a basic collection of them.