Thursday, February 15, 2007

Fundamentals of Christian Faith

What do you think the critical key points of Christian faith are?

Thinking about it I can only really think of 3 that I consider completely and utterly required for one to consider ones self Christian:
  • That God exists.
  • That Christ existed and was the son of God or God incarnate or something similar (what ever the correct theological term is for that).
  • That he died and rose again.
I do not however consider these to be requirements for admittance to heaven (should it exist) or to be a good person and so forth.

Can any one think of any other absolutely fundamental ideas for a Christian or disagree with any of the ones posted above?

Personally I'm not so sure that the 3rd one listed above is critical.


Matt W said...

As far as I see it:

1. The example of Jesus is the only way that will lead the world to redemption/salvation.
2. … plus enough to make Jesus' message coherent.

Nathan said...

I've a bone to pick with matt: There are plenty of christians who believe christianity is the way that they choose to follow, but not necessarily the only way - It's not necessary to assume that everyone else is wrong to assume that we're right.

On the other hand, I agree with the rest of what matt says. We've just gotta follow Jesus, and know enough for that to make sense.

Then all your theology doesn't matter, just the person of Jesus, and the way he taught. Perhaps we don't even need God, doesn't even need dying and rising? perhaps we don't even need a physical Jesus? perhaps all we need is an ideal; the logos, the word, the way, the truth, the life.