Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cheeky Vista sale!

Dragon PC Vista Ultimate ed OEM version
You know how legally OEM software isn't supposed to be sold with out new computer hardware? Well these guys are certainly following the letter of the law they're selling Vista Ultimate ed OEM with a 1gb Pen drive, computer hardware eh ;-)?!
Which makes sense in an odd sort of manner seeing Vista can use a Pendrive as additional Cache memory for the computer making a Pendrive effectively part of the computer.
Any way the result is you can get Vista Ultimate 32b ed off them for NZ$320 compared to say NZ$650 for the Upgrade 32/64b version from DickSmith.
The other amusing thing is if you managed to buy it with out the pendrive they list it for NZ$333, so what do you know that 1GB pendrive is worth -$13.

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