Friday, October 27, 2006


Any one else notice some sort of cycle in how they use their free time.
Mine tends to get split up into three or 4 major categories.

Computer gaming
Intensive Reading
Watching Anime

I seem to cycle from one to another in a fairly random order, I'll spend a couple of weeks playing computer games, then get bored of that and move on to reading for a month or so. After that spend a couple of weeks just mucking about on the computer trying to get something working (ie Linux or a piece of software I'm interested in), after which it's spend a week or two watching anime I've downloaded etc, before switching back to reading.

In the background of course there is lowish but constant amount of book reading happening regardless of what I'm specificly concentrating on. Also there is a fairly high amount of reading of news and current affairs stuff on the net happening all the time as well.

The slightly disturbing thing of course is that nearly all if it happens on the computer. Reading, gaming, anime and mucking about all happen on the same machine, the more I think about it the more disturbing it is. Computers appear to be the central tool in my life :|

Any one else notice any such cycles of behaviour with their spare time?

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