Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Blogs – and God’s Youth, Blogging un-Christian?

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Amusing and some what wierd. Blogging un-Christian?

Found via The Register


Christina said...

Wow! So many things in that post I want to respond to... I might write a post of my own, since it would take up way too much space here!

Fundies - oi

Matt said...

Mood: Angry
Favourite Movie: Kill Bill

Oooo sometimes I badly want to swear at people like that, just to see the gasps of horror because oh! the words! they hurt!

P.S. Word verification: "imblnifnmsd." I swear, they get longer every time.

Mr Gronk said...

Ironically, the author of this article saw fit to post his views about blogging on the internet.

Apart from that, he seems to be a bit prickly...

EONsim said...

It is quite amusing that the chap posted it on the web, or at least someone else did.

I still can't belive that the chap took a couple of verses and a few generally principles and managed to twist and stretch them to the point he thought he could use them to suggest blogging as un-Christian.

The only thing in there that I really considered even somewhat worth while was the vanity/pride argument. I'd thought about it a bit before. It doesn't really work though as it's not like I force people to read my blog.

"imblnifnmsd" Does seem overly long!
It's also kind of wierd that as the blog owner I've still got to enter a word verification even when already logged on. If some one hacked the account to spam I think they'rd do it via posts rather than comments and posts don't require word verification.