Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What is the best form of Government?

A question for you all.

What do you think is the best form of government please answer twice:
  1. First looking at it from the point of view of getting stuff done and having a functioning productive Society.
  2. Secondly from the POV of individual freedom, equality, and having a friendly people focused Society.
Possible Answers:
  1. Absolute Monarchy (King or Queen's word is law, inherited, Court is the executive)
  2. Early Constitutional Monarchy (Monarch executive with supporting Parliament and bill of rights ie England 1600ish, Saudi Arabia?)
  3. Modern Constitutional Monarchy (Monarch head of State, Parliament executive ie UK, NZ, AU)
  4. Dictatorship (Dictator is the executive there word is law, position due to own power Italy, Germany 1930-40's)
  5. Benevolent Dictatorship (Dictator elected or chosen after passing certain requirements)
  6. Republic (Elected head of State + Parliament/Senate/House of Congress ie USA)
  7. Theocracy (Church is the executive body)
  8. Anarchy (No government)
  9. Communism
  10. Federation (Each city, clan or region provides a member for the governing committee, each region has full autonomy within it's boarders).
I personally think I favor a "Early" Constitutional Monarchy or Benevolent dictatorship as an optimal form of government for getting stuff done. For a society that I think I'd enjoy living in (assuming it was my native culture) I'd prefer the "Early" Constitutional Monarchy I think. Especially if the monarchy is not from eldest to eldest but instead passed onto the most capable child.

So what do you think, can you think of any others that I've not listed that your'd prefer?

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