Friday, June 16, 2006

Playing about

Well I'm currently playing about with a number of beta applications some of which are kind of cool.

Google Earth 4beta (now for Linux and Mac OS) is the usual though the interface has been updated. The cool thing is they've finally added high resolution satellite photos for Christchurch and some other regions of New Zealand so it's now possible to make out your house :).

Picasa 3beta now has a free google run web album added, with 250MB of free storage online for your photos, unlike flickr it appears to be based more around a personal/friend/family photo album rather than flickrs universal any one can browse your photos. As for the Picasa version you need to provide people with a link to the image for them to be able to find them easily. The biggest problem perhaps with it compared to the others is that it's linked into via the Picasa software and there appears to other way to upload images to it yet. The nice thing is unlike free flickr the largest supported image size is 1600x rather than flickrs 1024x. will show the images I've currently got up in the public section.

Flock beta1 is the other app I'm currently playing with, very much a web browser that's been focused on the whole "Web 2.0" thingy with built in Blog, photo sharing, RSS, and bookmark sharing ( utilities. Still kind of nice, though with noticeably more problems than either of the other two apps. It's based off firefox so nothing special there.

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