Sunday, June 25, 2006

Need to kill time?

3D Logic

A fun little logic game well worth checking out if you want to kill abit of time at work or home.

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Nathan said...

To be picky, it's technically only a 2d puzzle, that has been made to look 3d. (Which means when you move the mouse in a straight line the cube rotates, so relative to the cube your mouse goes on a curved path, filling in unwanted squares. Annoying.)

That said, it's a good puzzle. Managed to clock it :D

Andrew said...

The levels don't seem to be ordered very well in order of difficulty. Out of the 30 levels I found 17 hardest, 23 second hardest, 28 third hardest, and most of the rest were just trivial.

Andrew said...

Although that said, it could hardly be denied that the first few tutorial-like levels are easier than the later ones.