Saturday, March 04, 2006


1/4 Cub Rolled Oats
1/2 Cub White Flour
1 Table spoon Sugar
2 Pinches of Salt
50g Butter melted
100mls Milk
1 Egg

Mix together fry in a non stick frying pan till golden brown.
Serve with a sliver of butter between each and Maple syrup.

3 Tea spoons Cadbury Drinking chocolate.
150ml Milk
100ml Boiling water

Shake the Milk and Drinking chocolate up in a container until it's completely dissolved and has plenty of froth. Pour into cup microwave 30s, Add 50mls boiling water Microwave 30s, Add 50mls boiling water Microwave 30s, Drink.

Thank God that your metabolism allows you to do this with out side effects!

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Christina said...

ooh... that looks so good.. I shall have to try it sometime :)