Sunday, August 28, 2005

Life such as it is

Well the delights of exams and assignments is finally nearly done. In the next couple of weeks I have my final exams for uni (hopefully ever). The Biology/Biochemistry Masters program is a bit unusual in that the 4th year exams are held in September rather than November when all the others occur. Kind of scary to think these are my final exams.
On a dissimilar note it's also scary to think how many of the people I know finish uni this year or already have finished uni. By the end of next (when I'm likely to be considering writing up my thesis) I think there will be just about nobody I know still at uni (excluding the other Masters students). It is kind of sad to see people disappearing from uni going job hunting and all the rest, though in same cases it's more disturbing to see the types of jobs they end up getting.
Any way in the next three weeks I've three exams and an assignment worth 100% due in so I may be a tad busy.

On a different note a small group of us are considering doing the Able Tasman walkway/tramp just after exams this year (Nov 11 onwards) if your'd be interested in joining in let me know if you haven't already.

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Katherine said...

Hey hope all goes well. Just btw, I think I'm gonna have to say no to the tramp after all. Don't think I can really afford it or take the time off work. This is not entirely a final decision but almost one. Hope this doesn't mess up plans too much.