Sunday, August 29, 2004


Well one of my friends from Navs sent me an invite to gmail, googles new email service, which is currently undergoing testing. It's caused quite a fuss in some parts with lots of people trying to get invites for a variety of reasons. It's quite nice, the interface is clean and quick and has a few nice features that other free email providers don't offer.

The main ones are.
  • Users are allowed 1Gb of email storage space.
  • Good spam filtering.
  • Nice clean interface.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can import your current contact lists from quite a number of different programs.
  • I'll mention it again the interface is nice and clean and loads real quick!
  • Threading for messages. eg it links replies to the original email so you can follow the conversation easier etc.
  • It's currently in limited testing so you can still get good email address's unlike hotmail and the others where all the good ones are taken, and your left with ones like (note that isn't my email address it's just and example).
The down sides are.

  • The text only ad's which target things your interested in. eg Should you send lots of emails discussing a certain author or book you might end up with a couple of small ad's down the side that link to sites where you can buy those books or more books by that author.
Not that, that's a major downside the ad's are small, text only things and use the same colours as the rest of the site, so they don't stand out! And the scanning of the email to determine the ad type is done by computer so humans never see what your've written. Which probably puts it on equal footing with the rest of the free email services available, except they don't state if they scan the email.

Any way for some reason, either that google's trying to increase the number of testers, or they liked the suggestion I made to improve something, I've some invites that I can give out to any of you people who are interested.

So if you want a new spam free email address, with 1GB of storage and a nice clean easy to use interface let me know.
Making a comment with a current email address then deleting it it's probably the best option as I'll get a copy of the comment sent to me. Either that or let me know at church or some other time. And I'll send you the invite. Note hotmail address's won't work as hotmail blocks all gmail invites. So use your student one. If you don't have anything but a hotmail address let me know as I can give you a link directly.

Note if you don't know me please don't bother posting I don't have that many invites.


Jared said...

Hey, would you be able to send me an invite.

Matthew Recker said...

I LOVE my gmail accounts :) enjoy yours