Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Goal of Existance

Is knowledge, science, understanding what we are, where we are and what has and will be.

Self knowledge is part of this, but mysticism as comfortable and fun as it may be has no part. What does it create do or contribute? What is the point of a heaven if all you do is stand around all day and worship. That'd get bloody boring rather quickly I'd hope, both for the one being worshiped and those doing so. And who cares if you might be reincarnated as a bacteria it's hardly useful to worry about that, your not going to remember.

Instead why not seek out real knowledge, how to help others or ones self. Seek to extend your days and minimise your impact while expanding or helping to expand our knowledge.

As in the end, all that may well remain of us is our contribution to knowledge, which should it reach the necessary levels, may end up sustaining us and allow us to remain as we seek to expand it and seek out new wonders.

After all the universe doesn't care about you and chance ain't going to hand you a free survival card just because you believe it should. Learn and grow, expand your capabilities and knowledge and you might just manage to stay ahead of the reaper.

But don't forget to bring the other living things with you, or you'll end up cutting your own throat with out even noticing.


Henryk Longin Rogowski said...

Interested. I greet..

metroid_dragon said...

indeed. When you consider the unfathomable rarity that is your brain. The glory that this 3 pound gem truly is you come to respect your life a bit more. There is no afterlife, no eternal happiness. We only get one round in this fantastic cosmos so make the best of it, don't waste it appealing to an invisible man in the sky with the hopes to seeing lost loved ones again.