Sunday, July 12, 2009

Science and Communication

Also if you wonder why the media always screws up science even in articles that are apparently written by people who under stand it have a look at these two links:

When I submitted the article, just shy of the 800 words I was asked to write, the editor said that the published piece had to be shortened a little. A few weeks later I checked the publication and found my article reduced to 360 words. I wasn't happy, of course, but every journalist has dealt with this. However, when I began to read the piece I didn't recognize it as anything I had written. I became worried so I did a sentence by sentence comparison. To my complete horror, out of 360 words there was only one sentence in the published piece and 3 or 4 fragments of sentences I had actually written; and the article was published with my name on it!

A tale from the trenches of science journalism


One rotten apple

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