Saturday, August 23, 2008

Update + photos

Finally got my primary laptop repaired and so have had a chance to edit some photos taken over the last couple of weekends.

It's surprising to realize I've been up here about one week off three months. Church wise I've been wandering along to the nearby baptist, seeing it's only a 5min walk, unfortunately it doesn't have alot of people in there 20's going there, though the few who are are friendly enough. Work wise it's far to easy and fairly boring, still it pays and after I've gathered some experience I can start looking for more interesting positions. Have been biking too and from work, seeing it's about 5km a little too far to walk especially in Hamilton where it seems to be nearly constantly raining. I don't think I've yet to manage to get to and from work for a week with out getting wet, it's blasted depressing!
I am hoping to get back down to Chch for a while over Christmas/New Years, will have to see though, as the department I'm in doesn't always shut down for long, if theres plenty of work, or may join the family in heading over to Aus for a week around Christmas.
The company is currently running a Health and Wellfare program where those interested were provided with pedometers and formed teams which then record how many steps every one makes in a week and the resulting value is used in a virtual race around the country. Currently the team I'm in is coming about 5th though hopefully that will improve. My weekly step counts have climbed from ~62,000 through 70,000 and should hopefully hit around 80,000 this week, and will hopefully increase to about 90,000 a week as I start heading along to the local Akidio dojo.
Noting that my step is approximately 1 meter it appears I'm doing an equivalent of about 60km+ a week (actually cover a greater distance but cycling gets converted to 1000 per 10mins, which is a lot lower than it would be if I walked to work ~10,000 a day).

Any way hope people are having fun down in Chch and were ever else you currently might be in the world, and that you can make some sense of this rather chaotic post. Hopefully I'll see some of you later this year, how ever in the mean time here are some photos that hopefully aren't too bad. The first three are from a trip to the Hamilton Gardens, while the second two are from playing around in my backyard with a new lens just after dusk. Feel free to leave comments about stuff! :-)

Japanese Garden
Japanese Garden

Italian Arches
Arches in the Italian Garden.

The Italian Garden
Italian Garden




Jim said...

"stuff" is a new website, which includes articles from a bunch of new zealand newspapers, owned by fairfax media.

hehehe - you said to leave comments about stuff :P

nice to read about your adventures. the photos of the gardens look cool.

EONsim said...

heh :-), Well I certainly got what I asked for then!

Christina said...

You take great pictures :) Also, I totally agree with your statement on Kat's blog (mm, maybe I should write this there?)... always been one of those tricky questions and problems I've had with God and Christianity. Ah, life. What's spring in the great town of the future like?