Thursday, May 08, 2008

Evolution Controversial?

Evolution: what's the real controversy?
An interesting article covering some of the topics that are supposed to be controversial in evolution. It's mainly focused on what the US Intelligent Design lobby has been trying to use in there effects to alter how biology is taught in US schools.

Worth a read if your interested in ID or Evolution.


Anaru said...

Interesting article.

Those of us on the inside naturally work within the framework so I think to say to that we no longer argue about is evolution true is correct but a bit misleading as clearly in other external circles people still worry and argue.

EONsim said...

Yeah though it seems more and more like the only external groups that still argue about it are Fundamentalist Christians and Muslims. Who are unlikely to ever agree even if an experiment proved it beyond reasonable doubt tomorrow.

In which case we're left with 3 main groups, those who understand it and believe it is correct, those who don't really care but assume it's right and those who aren't going to believe come hell or highwater.