Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Aikido AKA "The Art of Becoming One with the Mat"

Well a somewhat more serious post this time, as some people managed to workout or asked about the "Art of Becoming One with the Mat" is Aikidoa defensively focused Martial art. It relies more on using your opponent's attacks against them rather than attacking it's self. Seeing one of the ideas underlying it is that if they're not attacking you don't need to be fighting them.

As a result it's an art that tends towards flexibility rather raw strength. Anyway in addition to learning means to defend your self, it's a good way to get fit.

If your interested there are 3 Basic classes a week Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, starting at 6pm and going through to ~7:15, where new comers are welcome. Once you learn how to fall properly there are general classes at a range of times including 6am-7:30am for the early birds.

Any way first Lesson is free, and after that it's usually 40 a month for which you can go to as many classes as you like (~20 running a week).

If you are interested in going along I'm going to all three basics classes at the moment (6pm Mon, Wed, Fri).

Any way if your interested in heading along let me know :-).
The dojo is on Clyde Rd, about a 15min bike ride from most peoples flats.

For more info have a look here Aikido Christchurch.

PS: they also do weapons training a few nights each week which is alot of fun!

PPS: Gals are welcome as well and make up ~30% of some classes, and hey Gals surely learning to throw Guys around the Mat is at least somewhat tempting :)

PPPS: The source of The Art of Becoming One with the Mat

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Nathan said...

Well, if a bunch of people decide to go, let me know, I'd probably join in.