Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Spore and Mass Effect Releases Dates/Info

Looks like todays a big day for gaming announcements.

First we have the release date for Spore on all three platforms:

GameSpy: Spore Release Date Announced

Spore for PC, Mac, DS

Then next we have info that Mass Effect for PC will be arriving in May:

Mass Effect for PC

Looks like it's going to be a good year for pc gaming.

So finally a release date for what could be one of the most interesting games ever made.
Who's looking forward too it? I certainly am.

Also Mass effect will be rather awesome as well!


Christina said...

How exciting! Despite not being a gaming geek, I might actually fork out for this. Mmmm, my first game ever *future-nostalgic smile*

EONsim said...

Heh I assume your talking about Spore, rather than mass effect? It certainly could be a very very popular game.

Nathan said...

I'd look forward to spore, but I'm thinking it won't be able to run on my machine... Oh well...