Monday, November 05, 2007

Eee PC

Any one looking for a cheap (NZ$600) ultraportable laptop? The Asus Eee Pc seems to have hit off rather well, with a heck lot of info on the web about it.

The review sites love it.

Asus Eee PC 701 4G Review
Eee PC Review

The specs are decent
* Processor: Intel Celeron M ULV 900MHz
* Graphics: Integrated Intel GMA 900 GPU
* Storage: 4GB of Flash-based storage (SSD)
* Memory: 512MB of DDR2 RAM (667MHz)
* OS: Xandros Linux (Asus customized)
* Screen: 7-inch screen with 800 x 480 resolution
* Ports: 3 USB 2.0, 1 VGA monitor out, headphone jack, microphone input, SD card reader (SDHC compatible), Kensington lock slot, Ethernet 10/100
* Webcam (0.3 MP)
* Battery: 4-cell 5200 mAh 7.4V Li-Ion (rated at 3.5 hours)
* Wireless: 802.11b/g Atheros
* Input: Keyboard and Touchpad
* Weight: approximately 2 lbs with battery, 2.5 lbs travel weight with AC adapter.
* Two-year warranty

And it's so small that some people have been shiped boxes of five when they order 1.
Asus' Eee PC laptop so small, buyers sent boxes of five

Certainly rather tempting for the price though the low resolution for the screen seems abit of a pity. Be tempted if I had a six hundred dollars sitting around.


Matt said...

I was interested until I saw the 3.5 hours battery life; sure, it's portable, but my fullsize laptop gets half an hour more than that.

10 hour battery life, *that* would do it for me.

EONsim said...

Heh yeah 10 hours would be nice, but in a system that small rather unlikely.

Still you can get some systems with a second battery that give 8 hours.

Christina said...

Yeah, that and the fact that it's Linux are a bit of a downer. Ordinarily, Linux (if it was usable for non-geeks) would be a draw card, but I need something Microsoft compatible for my course :(

Otherwise I would be so in :)

EONsim said...

The linux bit is somewhat irrelevant for the primary uses the machines designed for. Seeing it uses firefox for web, thunderbird for email, Openoffice for word processing etc, pidgin for IM. All these apps are commonly used on windows as well.

None the less a windows version of the system is due out later this year and if needed the current linux install can be replaced with windows. If you don't mind the entire system running slower.

If you were using this for your course work the biggest problem would be the low resolution, 800x480 is not very useful for designing big documents of picture work.