Saturday, April 08, 2006

Gospel of Judas

Looks like they've just finished translating a 1700 year old copy of a document called the The Gospel of Judas (free registration required), it's apparently a document that claims that Christ asked Judas to sell him to the authorities to help further his work on earth, and that Judas understood what Christ was doing better than the others. It certainly sounds interesting I'd be keen to read a copy if they when they get round to releasing it. The idea is certainly somewhat more appealing than the idea that Judas sold him out for his own gain and was thus forordained by God to do it (or for someone to do it).

The National Geographic Page has a link to a pdf of the full English and Coptic texts, Skim reading it, it looks a little bit wacko (at 2:40am) but still the idea is interesting.

Wikipedia has more info on it, apparently it was declared a Gnostic heresy in AD 180 by the Bishop of Lyons.

Any way what do people think?

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Jesus Crux said...

wow, how interesting! i've always wanted to read all the other books of the Bible even if they may be wrong or taboo etc. do you think that when Jebus said Father forgive them (with regard to the people that crucified Him) Judas didn't actually end up going to Hell after he committed suicide despite what Acts says? life can be pretty unbearable sometimes and i'd probably have sold my faith in the Lord for 30 bucks back then, and felt real bad later (in fact i probably do it everyday when i can't be stuffed loving God and would give Him up for other worldly things, like the things you get jealous about other people having)