Thursday, January 05, 2006

None of these Diseases

I've been skim reading and interesting little book that I found in the shop recently. It briefly looks at old testament laws regarding such things as treatment for disease and hygiene and a compares them to modern (well 1966) practices. Interestingly early on in the book it suggests that a number of the biblical laws directly cut down and reduce the incidence of certain diseases.
As your'd expect it covers sexually transmitted diseases, more interesting to me at least is the way it compares laws for dealing with diseases such as leprosy and infections, to the modern practices that were developed hundreds of years latter after enumerable deaths.

Most of the book though seems to focus on Stress related diseases and how the biblical life style reduces stress.

The author also touches on the link between Circumcision and Cancer prevention a rather interesting topic. With a number of studies showing that infant Circumcision reduces certain cancers in both men and woman.

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