Friday, October 21, 2005


It's a relief to find out that I've passed all my papers for this year. It's also a relief that the grades I got were good enough to allow me to continue on to Masters Part II, the research project.

I stuffed up one paper with a rather low grade but thankfully 2 very good grades and a reasonable one balanced that out nicely.

So it's now waiting to here back from my supervisor I can start my project!

Also on another VERY nice note the Biology department is offering all it's MSc Part II students a summer scholarship! Enroll to do a research project over summer and they pay for the course fees ($1000) and $4000 on top of that! The summer research project is meant to be your thesis project as well. So effectively they're giving you $4000 to start your research a bit early!

I think I like my department!

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